Clothes makers know how important it is to use a recognizable, stylish and elegant logotype. This symbol represents the brand and is placed on every single item produced. That’s why users should know what it means, and be proud of wearing the clothes of some certain manufacturer. Let’s observe fashion logos to find out how designers managed to solve this task. You will get an insight into the history of some fashion empires, discover what inspired logotype creators, and track the history of logo development. It’s time to reveal the secrets of emblems that we see every day – each article has a handful of curious facts.

Cartier Logo
Fashion/Accessories logos
Cartier (Societe Cartier) is a world-renowned French manufacturer of top quality jewelry, fashion accessories, perfumes, and watches. The company was …
H&M Logo
Fashion/Accessories logos
One of the world’s most successful clothing-retail companies, H&M has Swedish origin. The company works in more than 60 countries …