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Allbirds is the name of an eco-friendly footwear manufacturing company, which was established in 2016 in New Zealand. The company has several patents, making the best components for its sneakers, and using only ecological materials. Allbirds shoes have many Hollywood celebrities among their fans.

Meaning and history

Allbirds, founded in 2016, has reached incredible popularity in literally no time. The main principle of the brand’s philosophy is using only natural, eco-friendly materials. Today the company mainly focuses on online sales.

Since Allbirds was founded, the brand has had a total of 4 million customers. The brand’s shoes are particularly appreciated in Silicon Valley for their environmental mission, functional comfort, and lack of shouty logos.

The sole of Allbirds is made of a patented low-density foam, making the brand shoes lighter than models of other manufacturers. The insoles are made of merino wool, which absorbs moisture and minimizes odor. The shoes can be worn without socks, done sports in them, and wash in the washing machine. The price of the Allbirds sneakers starts at $95.

Ideal foot support, anatomical fit, natural eco-friendly materials, and stylish design — are the main characteristics of the Allbirds sneakers. The New Zealand sports brand, one of the owners of which is Timothy Brown, a former player of the national soccer team, today is a leader in its segment. In 2014, the company entered the market with a revolutionary product — sports shoes made of special wool fabric.

That was the idea of Tim Brown, who was always wondering, why the merino wool, which is used for almost everything in New Zealand, was never used in the shoe industry. This is how the brand started.

Today the company founded by the former soccer player and eco-activist is very popular not only at home and in neighboring Australia but all over the world. With its focus on sustainability, Allbirds instantly won the love of millions of green-oriented people, and thanks to the clever design and outstanding performance the shoes are highly appreciated by athletes.

What is Allbirds?
Allbirds is a brand of footwear, established in New Zealand in 2016. The brand specialised in the production of ecologically-friendly sneakers. Allbirds fans include Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Google co-founder Larry Page, and Silicon Valley employees.

In terms of visual identity, Allbirds is much more traditional than in its innovative materials and design. The monochrome logo of the brand has the cursive logotype as its only element. But still, the badge looks modern and sharp.

2016 – Today

Allbirds Logo

The Allbirds badge, created at the very beginning of the brand’s history, remained completely untouched by today. It is a cool lowercase logotype in a custom cursive typeface with rounded shapes of the letters, which are all connected to each other. The most interesting part of the Allbirds logo is the letter “S”, which is condensed and features the largest height of all. The two “L”s of the Allbirds inscription feature different lengths, with the first one shorter than the second, which creates a sense of growth and movement upwards.

Font and color

The Allbirds script lettering from the official version of the logo is set in the lowercase and looks very friendly and contemporary. It is a custom typeface, which was designed exclusively for the eco-friendly footwear brand, but it has a slight resemblance to the Enfantine Nathan font. The typeface of the Allbirds logo was designed by Red Antler.

As for the color palette of this stylish and unique badge, it only uses a black-and-white combination, with the colors sometimes alternating for the lettering and the background. This color palette allows placing the badge on the various backgrounds without losing its individuality and recognizability. It is also the most timeless color scheme, which does not require any redesigns for years.