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The Bulgari logo has gone through at least four notable modifications since the 1910s.

Meaning and history

Bulgari Logo history


Bulgari Logo 1911

The company was founded in 1884. On the official website, you can see a 1911 photo showing what the sign on the first shop in Rome looked like. There was the lettering “S. Bulgari” in a pretty elaborate type. The letter “S” was the initial of the founder’s name, Sotiris Boulgaris (later Italianized to Sotirio Bulgari).


Bulgari Logo 1921

The proportions of the letters were modified: the glyphs grew somewhat larger. The type decorated with elegant serifs resembled the one used on the current logo. All the glyphs were capitalized, which only reinforced the similarity.

However, in the old version, there was the letter “S” in front of the name of the company, while the second letter in “Bulgari” was “U.”


Bulgari Logo 1928

The products of this era feature the lettering “S. Bulgari” in a very intricate script. The uppercase letters “S” and “B” showcase a lot of unnecessary, from the utilitarian point of view, curls. Even the lowercase glyphs forming the writing “ulgari” feature decorative details.

This was the last version where the second letter in the word “Bulgari” was the “U,” not the “V.”


Bulgari Logo

This is the year when the history of the current Bulgari wordmark started. If you take a look at the logo the company introduced in 1934, you will hardly notice any differences from the modern version. The Bulgari logo was unveiled on the central doorway of the Via Condotti flagship store.

To begin with, there is the “V” instead of the “U,” which has become synonymous with the brand. The “V” was used in reference to ancient Rome and the classical Latin alphabet.

Also, you can see the now-familiar elegant type with light serifs. Interestingly, the overall style of the typeface is reminiscent of the old signs seen above the entrance to Bulgari’s shops in the 1920s.