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Carter’s is a kids’ fashion label, which was established in 1865 in the USA by Willian Carter. Today the company operates mainly through its online platform, offering a wide range of kids’ sleepwear and basics, along with footwear and accessories. The online store orders can be delivered internationally (more than 80 countries).

Meaning and history

Carters Logo history

Carter’s is mainly known for designing apparel for newborns and toddlers. And the brand’s visual identity is bright yet evokes a sense of tenderness and care.

Before 2005

Carters Logo old

2005 – Today

Carters Logo

The Carter’s logo is composed of a wordmark, which is written in all the lowercase lettering, using a modern sans-serif typeface with full and rounded lines.

The bright blue color of the nameplate looks fresh and friendly, representing the experienced and trustworthy brand, which wants their little consumers to get the very best.

Carter's emblem

There is also a tagline under the wordmark, “ babies and kids”. Written in the same typeface, the inscription also features only lowercase letters. The light green color of the tagline is a symbol of a new life, nature, and energy.

The Carter’s logo is bright and crispy. Despite its simple shapes, it evokes a kind and playful feeling yet shows the brand as professional and confident. It is a perfect choice of the color palette for the kids-wear brand.

The playful mix of colors shows the company’s profile and purpose — providing children with comfortable clothing and making their parents happy.


Carters babies and kids logo

The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to one of the Avenir Family fonts. Its bold lines are perfectly balanced and reflect professionalism and authority along with expertise and the company’s values of quality and design.

The tagline “Babies and Kids” is written in the same font, but with thinner lines, which makes the whole logo look lighter and more friendly.



Carter’s is a company with a rich and intense history and a very good reputation. One of the biggest kidswear manufacturers and retailers in the United States, it sells its products through more than one thousand brand stores and almost 20 thousand department stores in North America and Mexico and successfully operates through its online platform.

The e-commerce platform offers a wide range of clothing for babies and kids, covering all the possible categories for ages from 0 to 14 years. The company’s catalog also includes such sectors as footwear and baby gifts, where you can shop sets for all the occasions.

The online retail platform offers delivery across the USA and Canada, as well as Mexico. There is also a possibility to ship to China, but no other countries, as the brand has its production facilities and a warehouse in Asia.

Besides selling sleepwear, clothes, and accessories to consumers, Carter’s also offers wholesale deals for partners across the globe, willing to expand its markets and make their products available for families worldwide.

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