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The logo of the teen apparel retailer Aéropostale, Inc. has been modified only once. This move coincided with the change of ownership.

Meaning and history

Aeropostale Logo history

1987 – 2017

Aeropostale Logo-1987The previous version was a little more unique due to the color choice and the typography. The design forces behind the brand opted for navy blue, which made the logo stand out among hundreds of black-and-white logotypes of fashion brands and retailers.

The type was also somewhat unusual, with its elongated glyphs and the distinctive “S.” The curves of the “S” looked as if they were cut or pressed. The “R” and the “O” also seemed to have been pressed from both sides. The approach seemed pretty reasonable for a brand with such a long name. One more memorable detail of the Aeropostale logo was the triangular shape of the accent above the “E.”

2017 – now

Aeropostale LogoThe 2017 logo Aeropostale logo features the name of the brand in black over the white background, which is the most widely used color scheme in the world of fashion. The type is a pretty generic sans with average proportions and spacing. Probably the most distinctive glyph is the “E” with its very short middle bar. Also, the fact that an acute accent can be seen above the first “E” adds a unique touch. If not for these details, the logo would probably have been indistinguishable among its competitors.