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The name of the brand “CR7,” which belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, was made up of his initials and shirt number. There’s more than one version of the CR7 logo.

Meaning and history

Cr7 logo

One of the world’s most popular footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo was born 5 February 1985. Diagnosed with a racing heart at 15, he underwent an operation and joined Manchester United at the age of 18. As of 2019, he plays as a forward for Juventus and captains the Portugal national team.

CR7 Nike symbol

CR7 Nike symbol

In the fall of 2012, Nike started selling a collection inspired by Ronaldo. The collection called CR7 was supposed to represent Ronaldo’s two sides – a relentless footballer and a playful style icon.

The logo of the collection featured a heart slashed by the letter “X.” The heart represented the passion to win, while the “X” represented the hatred of losing. According to Nike’s press release, the logo meant “Love to win, hate to lose.” You could see the typographic logo featuring the letters “CR” in bolder type and “7” next to them, in a thinner type.

CR7 Nike concept logo

CR7 Nike concept logo

In addition to the official logo of the CR7 Nike collection, you can come across a concept logo developed by the Portuguese visual communication studio GOMA. The characteristic feature of this version of the CR7 logo is that the “7” forms a stylized lightning bolt. The design is supposed to allude to the footballer’s famed running speed.

The letters “C” and “R” also have a distinctive look. The “C” is based on a circle and has sharp angles on both the ends. The “R” has a characteristic gap in the middle.

The agency provided several possible color palettes. One of them featured red and bright green with white, while the other was based on the combination of fuchsia with blue and white.

CR7 fashion boutique emblem

CR7 emblem

The football player known as a style icon opened his first fashion boutique in 2006. It was located on the island of Madeira, Portugal, where Ronaldo was born. Two years later, another boutique opened in Lisbon.

In 2013, Ronaldo started selling a range of underwear and sock line developed in collaboration with JBS Textile Group and Richard Chai. Later, the CR7 collection was enriched by shirts, shoes, and the fragrance “Legacy.”

The logo of his collection is pretty minimalistic – just the letters “CR” followed by the numeral “7” with the text “Cristiano Ronaldo” below.


Cristiano Ronaldo logo

Items sold through Ronaldo’s fashion boutiques feature the logo based on a simple black-and-white palette.


Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 logo

The lettering is given in a generic sans serif type. What makes it unusual is the way the letters “TI” and “LD” stick to each other.