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The logo of the Italian fashion brand Byblos looks very distinctive due to its futuristic geometry. Although it has not remained the same over time, the overall style has been pretty consistent.

Meaning and history

Byblos logo

Both the current Byblos logo and the previous one feature the name of the brand in a creative typeface. The most distinctive feature is probably the flattened tops of the “b’s,” “o,” and “s.” Due to them, the “b’s” and “o” bear a slight resemblance with cups.

In the old logo, the longest end of the “y” was slightly curved, while in the current version, the end is straight. Also, the “o” in the previous logo was formed by a continuous line, while the current “o” has a gap at the top right corner.

In addition to the wordmark, there is also a pictogram featuring the letter “b” looking the same as in the main Byblos logo.