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Chloe is a French luxury fashion label, which also produces perfume. The fashion house was established in 1952 and today is owned by Richemont Group. Gaby Aghion was the founder of the label and its head designer until 1985.

Meaning and history

Chloe logo

Chloe is a luxury. It is a sophisticated brand with a light character and elegant signature design.

The Chloe visual identity is text-based but looks complete and remarkable. The wordmark, executed in a classic vintage-style typeface with curved lines and diagonal cut on the letters’ peaks, is a reflection of romantic character and tenderness.

The brand uses two colors in its visual identity, which are always alternated in the logo — light-beige or black, both are used on a white background.

Light beige in combination with white is a pure and fresh combination, which evokes a peaceful and delicate feeling. It is very feminine and sophisticated.

Chloe emblem

The monochrome version of the Chloe logo is stronger and more confident, yet not less elegant. It is a representation of finesse and luxury. The bold lines of the wordmark look more distinct and stylish.

The Chloe logo is sleek and modern, yet creates a retro-feel, showing the brand’s history and heritage. It is a timeless classic.


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