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Athleta is the name of yoga apparel and leisure clothing, established by the famous Gap Group in 1998. Today it is one of the leading yoga apparel brands in the world, known for its stylish and comfortable design and high quality of fabrics.

Meaning and history

Athleta Logo history

Founded in 1998 by Scott Kerslake, a cyclist and surfer who saw a gap in the market for athletic wear tailored specifically for women, Athleta has grown from a local startup to a major player in the sports apparel industry. The company was created out of a desire to provide women with apparel that is both functional and fashionable, supporting their active lifestyles whether in a yoga studio, on a hike, or during everyday activities.

One of the main achievements of Athleta has been its commitment to sustainability and female empowerment. The brand has been a pioneer in using recycled materials and promoting fair labor practices. Additionally, it has launched several campaigns aimed at inspiring and empowering women, such as the “Power of She,” which encourages women to collaborate rather than compete.

Today, Athleta continues to thrive under the ownership of Gap Inc., which acquired the brand in 2008. It remains committed to its founding principles of providing high-performance apparel designed by women for women. The company’s current position in the market is strong, with continuous growth in both physical and online sales, showcasing its ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences and the increasing demand for eco-friendly products.

What is Athleta?
A premier brand focused on high-performance athletic wear for women, combining style, comfort, and sustainability. It champions empowering women through sports and active lifestyles, striving to create versatile and fashionable apparel that supports women’s adventures both in sports and in daily life.

1998 – 2009

Athleta Logo 1998

The Athleta logo from 1998 is a vibrant and energetic design that captures the essence of the brand’s focus on activewear for women. Set against a bold magenta background, the logo features the brand name “ATHLETA” in a distinctive white, stencil-like font that conveys a sense of strength and dynamism. Behind the text, a subtle starburst pattern radiates outward, adding a layer of depth and motion to the design. This background element is faint, ensuring it complements rather than overwhelms the text. The choice of magenta as the primary color evokes a sense of vibrancy and femininity, aligning with Athleta’s mission to empower women through active lifestyles. The overall design is both modern and striking, effectively communicating the brand’s commitment to style, energy, and empowerment.

2009 – 2023

Athleta Logo 2009

The logotype of the yoga apparel brand is written in the uppercase with its bold geometric letters, executed in the famous Futura typeface, placed far from each other and looking light, bringing balance to the whole image. Written in black, the logotype is set on the right from the circular emblem.

The Athleta symbol is a solid purple circle with a white stylized flower, composed of nice thin triangles, turned in one direction and creating a sense of moving, like a windmill. The combination of colors on the emblem stands for wisdom and balance, harmony and self-confidence. The feelings any person aims to get from harmonizing yoga sessions and philosophy.

2023 – Today

Athleta Logo

The latest Athleta logo is a refined and sophisticated evolution of the brand’s visual identity. Featuring the brand name “ATHLETA” in a modern, black sans-serif font, the design is clean and minimalist, emphasizing clarity and elegance. To the left of the text is the well-known starburst emblem, now rendered in a sophisticated dark teal color. This emblem, with its sharp, geometric lines, conveys a sense of energy and movement, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s dedication to active lifestyles. The dark teal hue adds a touch of contemporary flair and sophistication, distinguishing it from previous versions. The logo’s overall design is sleek and versatile, suitable for a variety of mediums and formats, from apparel tags to digital platforms. This iteration reflects Athleta’s growth and its commitment to combining fashion with functionality, catering to the modern, active woman.

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