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Athleta is a women’s athletic wear line. It was founded in 1998 in Petaluma, Calif, by Scott Kerslake. The list of sub-brands includes Pilayo® fabric, Sueded Tactel®, and Athleta Girl.

Meaning and history

Athleta has been the property of Gap since 2009 when it was purchased for about $150 million.

Old logos

In a print ad from 1998 featured in the brand’s blog, we can see what appears to be the company’s earliest logotype. It is a wordmark in an unpretentious sans serif type. It has slightly elongated proportions, bringing to mind a high and slender feminine figure. The initial is capitalized, while all the other letters are lowercase.
The color is a dark, slightly grayish shade of blue from the warmer spectrum.
An ad from a magazine issued in the fall of 1998 already features a different design. Here, the name of the brand in white is placed inside a black rectangle.
All the letters are now capitalized and come from a different type. The proportions are classic ones, thus providing decent legibility. Yet, the legibility is somewhat damaged because the type is a rather thin one and tends to get lost in the background.
On the whole, the second design appears more unique and recognizable than the earlier one.

Current logo

Athleta logo

With the introduction of the current Athleta logo, the company made another step towards a better memorable, unique visual identity. It grew better legible, too.
The majority of the space is occupied by the wordmark, in most versions of the logo, although there are also versions where it is vice versa.
The wordmark showcases an austere sans serif typeface. The glyphs are capitalized, like in the previous design.
What makes the type somewhat unusual is the combination of rather wide glyphs (for instance, the “A’s”) with a very narrow “L.” It looks like half of the “T.” Due to this, the wordmark acquires a sort of symmetry, with the “L” as the symmetry axis.
The sharp angles of the “A” echo the shape of the circular emblem. While the emblem occupies less space than the wordmark, it catches your eye due to the color and the pattern.
You can see a purple roundel housing a stylized flower with sharp petals. The petals are triangular and create an illusion of motion (rotation).
The wordmark can be placed in various positions, below, above, or next to the emblem.


The simplistic type of the Athleta logo perfectly fits the “sports” message of the brand.


Purple, as a color close to pink, has a slight feminine touch. As a result, the choice of color hints at the fact that the brand offers products for women.