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Athleta is the name of yoga apparel and leisure clothing, established by the famous Gap Group in 1998. Today it is one of the leading yoga apparel brands in the world, known for its stylish and comfortable design and high quality of fabrics.

Meaning and history

Athleta Logo history

1998 – 2009

Athleta Logo 1998

2009 – Today

Athleta logo

The visual identity of the Gap sub-brand is modest yet sharp and has enough of everything to represent the Athleta’s strong sides and philosophy. Composed of a clean and solid logotype and an intense yet strict emblem, the Athleta logo looks modern and powerful.

The logotype of the yoga apparel brand is written in the uppercase with its bold geometric letters, executed in the famous Futura typeface, placed far from each other and looking light, bringing balance to the whole image. Written in black, the logotype is set on the right from the circular emblem.

Athleta emblem

The Athleta symbol is a solid purple circle with a white stylized flower, composed of nice thin triangles, turned in one direction and creating a sense of moving, like a windmill. The combination of colors on the emblem stands for wisdom and balance, harmony and self-confidence. The feelings any person aims to get from harmonizing yoga sessions and philosophy.

In addition to the primary version of the logo, Athleta has a secondary one, it featured the same elements but has its lettering emboldened and color palette changed to light gray and white. This version looks airier and more modest, being a timeless and elegant interpretation of a modern and strong original logo.