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Converse is a famous American fashion group, which produces shoes, sportswear and other sporting goods. The company was founded in 1908 in Massachusetts.

Converse Logo Meaning and history

converse logo history

The Converse logo was designed by Converse with the goal of popularization.  Charles “Chuck” Taylor, a basketball player (Akron Firestones), did a lot to redesign shoes and finally endorsed the brand. Also, he demonstrated effective salesmanship. He designed the blue star logo and signed it. Thanks to the brand, Converse shoes are still referred to informally as “chucks”. The logo still appears on the company’s products. The star was to signify the brand’s outstanding excellence.

The 2017 Converse symbol

converse symbolIn 2017, the company adopted a new logotype featuring the star chevron, which has been used since the 1970s. The brand name is placed under the emblem. This time, the text is given in a different font looking more rounded and clear than on the old Converse symbol.

Shape of the Converse Logo

shape converse logo

Today, the Converse logo is the black star placed inside a circle with the company name below. There are several logo variations designed for particular Converse products. It should be noted that the original blue-star logo still appears on some Converse products.

Colors of the Converse Logo

colors converse logo

The Converse logo boasts a simplistic design, which has proved to be effective in all aspects. The black color portrays excellence, elegance, and integrity. The white color stands for purity and charm.

Font of the Converse Logo

font converse logo

The company name is written in a sans-serif typerface.

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