Calvin Klein Logo

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calvin klein logo
Calvin Klein is a fashion designer from the USA, the founder of an eponymous fashion house. Today, it is a high profile brand, which is known both inside the country and overseas.

Meaning and history

Calvin Klein Logo history

The minimalistic Calvin Klein logo has been around almost since the brand’s inception – from the early 1970s. In fact, it was designed even earlier by Jeffrey Banks, a famous designer from Wales. It went out into the open when the company introduced a jean line. Every manufactured pair featured the logo on its back pocket. Soon after that the logo spread to other items.

Symbol in 1979-2016

calvin klein symbol
The brand has had at least four distinctive logos in its history. The campaign shot by Bruce Weber in early 1979 features the logo which is very close to the current one. Until 1982, a wordmark with thinner letters was used. The 1984-1992 version has more weight. The 1992 logo, which made its debut in the CK campaign starring Kate Moss, is the most recognizable one.

The 2017 emblem

calvin klein emblem
On February 3rd a new Calvin Klein emblem was introduced via the brand’s Instagram account. According to the company, it was all about coming back to “the spirit of the original”. The wordmark featured the brand name in an all-cap font and the iconic black-and-white palette. The logotype was developed by the company together with the graphic designer Peter Saville.


shape calvin klein logo
The Calvin Klein logo is highly minimalistic, which is quite in keeping with the logo strategy commonly followed by many renowned fashion houses. It is an acronym of the company’s full name, which is written below.


colors calvin klein logo

The logo comes in three colors: black, grey, and white. The black version is common to the Haute Couture line, the gray one appears on regular clothes, and the white version – on sportswear. These colors symbolize purity, elegance, perseverance, and grace.

Font font calvin klein logo

The brand’s name is written in Futura typeface just below the “CK” symbol itself.