BottiCelli Logo

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The BottiCelli logo is pretty cluttered in comparison with the emblems of most other fashion houses. Of course it is by far less elaborate than the Hermes logo, and yet, there is a variety of colors and shapes here.

Meaning and history

BottiCelli logo

The pictorial part of the logo is represented by a shield divided into two fields, a red one and a blue one. Across the shield, an intricate curvy shape is placed.

The name of the brand is given below in a simple sans serif type providing excellent legibility. Below, you can see a thick red bar housing the text “Premium men’s wear” in white.

In another version of the label, the word “BotiCelli” is positioned to the left of the pictogram. Instead of the text “Premium men’s wear,” you can see a thin bar broken down into three even parts (blue, white, and red).