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Christian Dior is not just the name of a brand, it is a legend. Established in 1946 and named after its founder, the fashion house started to create elegant and chic women’s clothing, and by today has grown into a real empire, which is engaged in fashion, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, children’s clothing, and other high-end consumer goods. The French luxury goods company Christian Dior SE is headquartered in Paris and controlled by the businessman Bernard Arnault, the head of LVMH.

Meaning and history

Dior Logo history

It’s difficult to say now, what made the Christian Dior brand recognizable all over the globe — the haute couture clothing and accessories, or perfume and cosmetic lines; but whatever it is, each product of the Parisian fashion house is a masterpiece, created for elegant people, who value style, sophistication, timelessness and only choose the best and the highest quality.

For more than 70 years the name Christian Dior works as a spell of seduction and elegance. Hence, the brand does not need to complicate or overthink its visual identity and stays modest, timeless, and polished.

1948 – now

Dior Logo 1948

Among one of the experiments of the brand was a creation of a capitalized logo — with only the “Dior” part of the trademark written in white on a black background. Here the typeface looks a bit smoother and the lines of the letters — elongated and slightly curved, adding playfulness to the overall timeless mood of luxury and chic.

2018 – now

Dior Logo

The current Dior logo is the one that could be seen throughout all the years of the brand’s existence, it features the name of the company in an elegant serif typeface. The design is simpler than that of the competitors, for instance, the Chanel logo or Gucci logo where the wordmark is paired with the emblem. The all-caps type looks elegant and refined due to the varying width of the lines – from very thin to rather thick.

Always executed in a black and white color palette, the logo can sometimes turn into a CD monogram, but it happens mostly with the cosmetic products of the brand. Though, sometimes, the monogram can be added to the main wordmark.


Christian Dior logo

The true elegance and luxury of the brand are reflected in each stroke of its simple yet exquisite logotype. The title case inscription in monochrome is executed in a bold and stable serif typeface, which resembles the iconic Garamond and Didot fonts. The font used for the logo of the legendary fashion house is Nicholas Cochin Regular, created by Georges Peignot and published by URW Type Foundry.

But there is no need to copy the font of the iconic brand, as there are several pretty good alternations to it. The fonts similar to Nicholas Cochin Regular are Bernhard Modern Bold, Rameau Pro Semibold, and Garamond RR Bold. All of them feature straight and strong vertical bars, smooth arch’s, and emboldened ends of the lines, turning into distinct serifs.

What was Christian Dior’s most famous design?
The most famous design of the Christian Dior fashion house is considered the Bar costume, introduced by the designer in 1947, a year after the brand’s establishment. The Bar suit was inspired by the bar at the Plaza Athénée Hotel in Parisand consisted of a light-colored jacket and a dark skirt. However, throughout the years Dior has created many iconic pieces.

What is The Christian Diorslogan?
Not every luxury fashion brand has a slogan, but Christian Dior does. Its motto is “I Love Dior”, which is not even a slogan, but a mantra. The brand shows its involvement in significant social events of the world and sometimes adds a new slogan to its identity to support different movements. For example, in 2016, the brand was supporting feminists, using the “Sisterhood is Global” series of taglines.

What is the Dior logo?
The iconic French fashion house Christian Dior uses simple elegant lettering as the only element of its visual identity. The logo of the luxury brand features a black title case inscription in a fancy serif typeface, which is a timeless sophisticated choice. In addition to the logotype, the brand also has a “CD” monogram, which is more often used for the cosmetic and perfume lines of the fashion house.

Is Christian Dior and Dior the same?
Dior, Christian Dior, CD, — these are all the names of the same fashion house, just different lines, and collections. All three options of the name are always executed in one style and font, to support the corporate identity and aesthetic.