Air Jordan (Jumpman) Logo

air jordan logo

The brand Air Jordan is renowned for its contribution to the design of basketball footwear. It is owned by Nike, and it continues to generate new design ideas every year.

Logo history

air jordan logo history

The trademark has been around since 1985, and it was named after Mikhail Jordan, a renowned basketball player. The concept belongs to Tinker Hatfield, who was called in after the departure of Peter Moore. The Air Jordan “Jumpman” logo is nothing less than a picture of Mikhail Jordan captured in midair as he was performing the historic jump. It is also noteworthy, that he was wearing a pair of Nike shoes. As Mikhail confessed, that was not a dunk or a running jump. He said all he did was “jump up and spread his legs”, and was pictured at that moment.
Air Jordan Logo history

Shape and colors

colors air jordan logo

Mikhail Jordan’s jump has become imprinted in the history of the company and the brand for eternity. The black silhouette of a jumping man with a ball in his hand conveys a sensation of elegance, excellence, and determination. It continues to inspire the brand’s fans and basketball players all over the world. Many people say that the logo has pretty much embodied Mikhail’s strong will and somewhat enigmatic personality.


air jordan symbol
Over the three decades of the “Jumpman’s” existence, it has undergone many transformations and has expanded to other categories of wear, including sneakers, socks, hats, T-shirts. In fact, the Jumpman is not a pioneer logo within the brand. It was preceded by Peter Moore’s Air Jordan symbol, which featured a basketball and wings lifting it.