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Columbia is a famous American brand of sports-outerwear and shoe manufacturers. It was established in 1983 and by today is one of the most popular produces of activewear across the globe.

Columbia Slogan
  • Time to reboot.

  • Avoid the in crowd.

  • We test on animals.

  • Misery begins at the big toe and works its way up.

  • Kids never think it’s cold. Then again, kids eat paste.

Meaning and history

Columbia Logo history

Columbia is one of those brands, that value their history and keeps using the iconic symbols, created for them at the beginning of their existence, as the main part of the visual identity. The brand, founded in 1938, used a simple wordmark until the introduction of the geometric emblem in 1978. It was a rhombus, composed of eight equal rectangles, which aimed to represent the woven textile.

1990 — 2011

Columbia Logo 1990

The Columbia logo, created in 1990, boasted a bold emblem placed on the left from the elegant and smooth serif inscription in a title case, with a “Sportswear Company” tagline, executed in smaller letters of the same font, with almost no space between two words. The typeface of the logotype was very similar to ITC Gaillard Pro Roman, a sophisticated font with rounded lines and thick soft serifs.

The emblem, composed of four pairs of parallel rectangles, had its contours clean and neat, showing the textile pattern, and pointing to the company’s fundamental approach and attention to materials and their quality.

2011 — Today

Columbia logo

The redesign of 2011 changed the logotype of the Columbia visual identity, keeping the composition and emblem almost untouched. The iconic rhomboid emblem was just slightly smaller than on the previous version, while the wordmark, which is now composed of just the “Columbia” part, got enlarged.

Font and color

The Columbia logotype, introduced in 2011, is executed in a title case of a sleek and bold custom font with smooth lines and serifs, which pointed to the right on the bottom edges of the lines, and to the left — on the upper ones. The typeface is close enough to such fonts as Serat Demi Bold and P22 Wedge Bold, but with its lines modified.

As for the color palette, the official one featured a black and white combination, but the brand often uses light blue inscription and emblem, placing them on a white background. Another option for the Columbia logo is yellow lettering on black. All three variants of color scheme represent a reliable and strong brand, which is ready to change with the need of its customers yet keeps its traditional approach to quality of design and fabrics.