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Refined and elegant, the Brunello Cucinelli logo reflects the brand’s message and ambitions.

Meaning and history

Brunello Cucinelli logo

The brand was established in 1978 (according to other sources, in 1979), in Castel Rigone, Italy. The company specialized in cashmere garments for women. Today, it is known as luxury fashion house manufacturing and selling clothing and accessories for men and women in Europe, North America, and East Asia.

In 1985, Brunello Cucinelli purchased the fourteenth-century castle of Solomeo, a village near Perugia. The so-called castrum Solomei is a fortification used to defend the town. It was built in 1391.

The castle was restored, and in 1987, the brand’s headquarters were transferred there.


Logo Brunello Cucinelli

The logo is dominated by an intricate symbol featuring a winged mythological creature with four legs. Below, there is a stylized depiction of a medieval castle inspired by the company’s headquarters. There are ribbons from both sides and the lettering “Solomei.”

Below, you can see the writing “Brunello Cucinelli” in a decorative type. The font has a stylish retro touch.

The Brunello Cucinelli logo conveys such messages as “dignity” and “luxury” and seems to take us to the times of kings, princes, and noble knights.