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Clarks is an old producer of footwear from Great Britain. There are many categories of goods manufactured by them, and not all of them are shoes. There are also purses, bags and similar accessories. But regarding shoes, they have a large variety of different products for men and women.

Meaning and History

Clarks logo history

The company was established in Somerset, England, in 1825 by two Clark brothers. Initially, they manufactured rugs out of sheepskin, but as soon as in 1828 the company discovered the product that would lead it to world recognition – footwear. They currently sell all over Europe.

1879 – 1996

Clarks logo 1879

The original logo was a round stamp with a picture of a tall monastery standing in the center of a hill, drawn in the center. Along the rims surrounding this image, they placed two bits of text. ‘C & J Clark Ltd’ was written along the top in a serif style, while ‘shoemakers since 1825’ was featured along the bottom in a sans-serif font. The coloring would usually be black or dark green.

1996 – today

In 1996, they adopted just the word ‘Clarks’ as the logo. Notably, it was written in a signature-like style, as if made by hand. The lines were still smooth, and the edges round and fluid. Again, the main coloring variants are dark green and black for these letters.

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