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Carolina Herrera is a luxury fashion label, named after its founder and head designer. The brand is famous for its high-end elegant evening dresses and sleek accessories. Carolina Herrera’s outfits were seen on several First Ladies.

Meaning and history

Carolina Herrera Logo history

Carolina Herrera is one of the main names in the high-fashion industry. The Venezuelan designer created an iconic fashion house, whose main values are elegance and luxury.

Old Logo

Carolina Herrera Logo old

Before 2017

Carolina Herrera Logo before 2017

2017 – Today

Carolina Herrera Logo

The Carolina Herrera visual identity is a perfect reflection of the legendary brand. It is composed of a wordmark and a brand’s signifier.

The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in the most stylish font of the fashion industry — Didot. The same font is used by the Vogue magazine. It is a serif typeface with distinct and sophisticated lines. It is bold, strong and timeless.

Beyond the brand’s name, there is a “New York” tagline, written in the same font, but in a smaller size lettering.

Carolina Herrera emblem


The Carolina Herrera signifier is pretty simple, yet very recognizable. Just two letters, “C” and “H”, both capitals and written in the same serif typeface. The letter “C” is colored red, while the “H” is black.

The monochrome palette with one red detail is a reflection of passion and luxury. The brand features an extremely elegant logo, which evokes a sense of fashion expertise and finesse.

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