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Cosabella stands as a paragon of artisanal luxury in the intimate apparel industry, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and sumptuous materials. This brand, steeped in a heritage of Italian artistry, curates an expansive selection of lingerie that celebrates diverse figures and personal styles. Its offerings are a symphony of elegance and modern refinement, drawing in those with an eye for upscale, handcrafted lingerie finery.

Meaning and history

Cosabella, a luxury lingerie brand, was born in 1983 from the vision of Valeria and Ugo Campello. Melding Italian craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic, the Campellos introduced a line of colorful, high-quality undergarments. Initially focused on bodysuits, Cosabella expanded to include a full range of lingerie, leveraging innovative textiles and evolving designs. Their commitment to fine Italian production and attention to detail helped Cosabella gain a reputation for timeless elegance and exceptional comfort in lingerie, thriving internationally while maintaining family ownership and artisanal integrity.

What is Cosabella?
Cosabella is a renowned lingerie label, famed for its blend of Italian artisanship and innovative design. Established in 1983, it has become a symbol of luxurious, intricately crafted undergarments, celebrated for their exceptional fit and comfort. This brand stands out for its fusion of classic sophistication with contemporary aesthetics in lingerie.


Cosabella logo

The Cosabella logo presents a minimalist and contemporary design. Its typography is sleek, with a modern sans-serif font that conveys sophistication. The letters are evenly spaced, evoking a sense of balance and precision, while the all-caps format adds a touch of assertiveness. The simplicity of the black text on a white background offers a classic contrast, emphasizing timelessness and versatility in the brand’s identity. This logo epitomizes elegance in its purest form, aligning with the brand’s luxury lingerie offerings.

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