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Amiri is a clothing brand that has brought a fresh breath to the fashion world. The American label was founded in 2014 but is completely inspired by the 1980s aesthetic, which is what made it so popular literally right away. The brand has been shaped by grunge, rock and roll and punk. Amiri’s designs combine pastel palettes, deliberately aged fabrics, intricate textures, and vibrant prints.

Meaning and history

Amiri Logo history

The story of the AMIRI brand begins in 2014. After years of working with Helmut Lang, J Brand and RRL, the fashion brand’s founder Mike Amiri began experimenting with his own line in an effort to define his own voice and aesthetic. By making denim by hand, he learned the art of fabric aging. With a DIY approach at the core of the brand’s aesthetic and the use of luxury materials, he quickly gained a celebrity following.

In 2017, Amiri hosted a pop-up sale at luxury avant-garde boutique Maxfield that lasted six hours. During that time, the brand managed to make $275,000. In 2018, Amiri became a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), an American non-profit organization that develops fashion standards, solves problems in the U.S. fashion industry, and coordinates American fashion figures. And in 2019, Renzo Rosso invested in Amiri’s brand, which immediately gave it an international dimension.

By following the current trends and offering impeccable quality, Amiri has achieved not only popularity in the domestic market but also recognition in the international market. Staying true to its roots, the brand continues to experiment with materials and designs, which attracts more and more fans.

It is the eye-catching yet sophisticated collections that have made Amiri synonymous with luxury in street fashion. This was due to the way the brand was able to combine rock and roll casualness with haute couture quality. Celebrities and fashion critics one after the other marveled at the creativity and quality of its products.

Thus, Amiri caps have become not just headwear, but a significant element of contemporary culture and style. No wonder they appear on the streets of big cities and the pages of famous fashion magazines.

When it comes to materials, it’s worth noting the use of only the highest quality fabrics, which ensures that the pieces are durable and comfortable to wear.

Amiri currently presents a biannual collection at Paris Fashion Week and ready-to-wear, as well as ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories that are available at some of the world’s most famous retailers such as Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Selfridges in London and Joyce in Hong Kong.

What is Amiri?
Amiri is the name of a Los Angeles-based luxe streetwear brand created in 2013 by designer Mike Amiri, started with custom pieces created in one-offs using a variety of handcrafted techniques. In addition to items from seasonal collections, the brand’s collection always features the most popular models from previous years.

In terms of visual identity, Amiri is the brand that transmits its uniqueness even in the small things. The logo of the brand is composed of two parts — a very elegant wordmark, and a bold dramatic emblem, based on the initials of the brand’s founder, Mike Amiri.

2017 – 2023

Amiri Logo 2017

The first logo is set against a solid background for a minimalist appeal. The word “AMIRI” is spelled out in uppercase letters. The typeface is modern and sans-serif, characterized by clean lines with uniform thickness, which gives the logo a sleek and contemporary look. The spacing between the letters, known as kerning, is balanced, which contributes to the overall aesthetic of simplicity and sophistication. The stark contrast between the lettering and the background ensures that the brand name stands out clearly. This design was adopted by the brand in 2017.

2020 – Today

Amiri Logo 2020

The recognizable Amiri emblem is an AM monogram executed in black on a white background. Written in a stylized and bold wishbone-style typeface, the monogram looks very sharp and has a dark mood. The “A” overlaps the “M” and has its vertical bars arching at the bottom, creating a very interesting geometric composition.

The logotype is something completely different. The uppercase wordmark is set in a fine and classy serif typeface with the small element in the upper part of the “A”, which makes it look unique.

2023 – Today

Amiri Logo

This logo maintains the same uppercase “AMIRI” lettering, but there are subtle differences in the font style. The letters appear to be slightly elongated with a slender profile, promoting a sense of elegance and high fashion. The uniformity in the weight of the letters is consistent with the first logo, providing brand continuity. The spacing between the letters seems consistent with the first logo, suggesting a brand identity that values precision and clarity. The typeface chosen for this logo again reflects a modern and luxurious branding strategy.

Font and color

Amiri Emblem

The elegant uppercase lettering from the primary Amiri logo is set in a typeface, based on such popular fonts as Garamond Clássico Bold or Baskerville Classico Small Caps, but with the contour of the “A” slightly modified in its upper part.

As for the color palette of the Amiri visual identity, it is based on the traditional for fashion industry combination of black and white, which in this particular case not only creates a universal logo but also reflects the essence of the brand and the character of its main inspirer.

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