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The history of the Italian footwear brand Barracuda started in 1896. It is now part of the Fabi group.

Meaning and history

Barracuda Logo history

The name of the brand brings to mind the stories of the fearsome ray-finned fish notorious for its ferocious behavior. Perhaps you will also remember another fashion label with a somewhat similar inspiration – Bape Shark. However, the two brand identities are completely different.

Before 2022

Barracuda Logo old

While the Bape Shark logo features a stylized shark, the authors of the Barracuda logo decided not to use the “fish” symbolism in the emblem. They opted for a simple wordmark. The design features a pretty generic sans serif typeface. All the letters, except the initial, are lowercased. They are placed very close to each other.

The wordmark is used both on its own and inside an ellipse, where it is paired with the lettering “Calzolai Dai 1896.”

2022 – Today

Barracuda Logo

The Barracuda logo features bold, orange text. All capital letters in a sans-serif font spell out “Barracuda.” The entire logo rests on a white background, creating a striking contrast that makes it both eye-catching and professional.

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