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Barbour is an English fashion brand, mostly known for a clothing collection, but also manufacturing footwear and accessories. The brand was established in 1894 and today is one of the most famous British fashion labels.

Meaning and history

Barbour Logo

Barbour is a very reputable brand, which values quality most. It is about prestige and high-class materials. And the brand’s logo speaks for itself.

The Barbour wordmark is executed in a traditional geometric sans-serif bold typeface, which is similar to Avenir black, with the only difference — letters “r” has a slant added.

The thick and confident nameplate evokes a sense of stability and confidence, and the signature color palette of the brand only adds to this feeling.

Barbour emblem

The Barbour dark green color is a symbol of growth and ambitions, it is a representation of a constantly developing brand, which does not lose its quality and only gets better with years.

The Barbour logo is timeless and elegant. Being simple and minimalist, it puts the main accent on color, which is close to black but shows the company’s character and style perfectly.