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Cavalli Class is a range of clothing for women and men, part of the Roberto Cavalli range. According to the parent brand, Cavalli Class offers apparel with “rooted versatile daily elegance.”

Meaning and history

Cavalli Class logo

The Cavalli Class logo is made up of the two words representing the name of the brand. Each of the words is given in a different type – it emphasizes the difference between the parent brand and the Class range.

The word “Cavalli” is written in the same way as in the main logo. All the letters are lowercased and belong to an elongated serif typeface. The “a’s” have a rounded shape.

All the glyphs in the word “Class” are capitalized. The “A” is completely different than the same letter in “Cavalli” – it looks sharper. The basic shape of the glyphs is flatter – it is closer to a square than a rectangle.

On the official website, both the words in the Cavalli Class logo are given in the same square typeface. The contrast is still there as the lettering “Roberto Cavalli” in the elongated lowercase typeface can be seen at the top of the page.

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