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The history of C.P. Company started in 1971. Today, the Italian apparel brand often conducts research and design into military uniforms and work suits.

Meaning and history

C.P. Company Logo history

What is C.P. Company?
C.P. Company is an Italian fashion brand known for its innovative and functional designs. Founded in 1971, the company combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create unique and stylish clothing, particularly renowned for their iconic goggle jackets.

1971 – 1978

CP Company Logo 1971

1978 – Today

C.P. Company Logo 1978

1982 – Today

CP Company logo

The C.P. Company logo is far from being cluttered or overtly emotional. It is muted, balanced, and moderately elegant. The serif type has classic proportions. If you try to find a similar type in the world of fashion house logos, you may look at the Guess logo as an example of another wordmark based on a similar font.

Of course, the font in the C.P. Company wordmark is not exactly the same – the width of the line forming the glyph varies more here. Also, the way the letters “C.P.” dominate the design make it stand out.