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Casadei is the name of a luxury footwear brand, which was founded in Italy at the end of the 1950s by the Casadei family. Starting from a small workshop, by today the Brad has grown into one of the most influential footwear labels, designing the fanciest and most elegant fashion omen’s pumps and high-heel shoes.

Meaning and history

The Italian brand Casadei is known for its stylish shoes for women. While the range comprises mostly high heels, there’re also quite a few flats. The company was founded in 1958 as a small workshop in San Mauro Pascoli. While the brand initially sold its shoes on the Italian Riviera, it gradually spread around Europe and the USA, then to the Middle East. Today, it also has boutiques in Shanghai and Moscow.

Today Casadei is not just a regular shoemaking company, but an iconic brand, even a symbol of footwear design in Italy, as the Casadei shoe was even featured on a postage stamp issued by the Italian National Post in 2004. And yes, this is the honor that is not easily earned.

Today Casadei is not just a world-famous Italian footwear brand, which has managed to become a kind of symbol of courage and extravagance, but also a synonym to sexy elegance and high-heel fashion. The brand’s products belong to the luxury class, they are distinguished by high quality and comfort, along with provocative design, bright colors, and an impressive height of the heels.

What is Casadei?

Casadei is the iconic Italian brand of footwear, which was founded at the end of the 1950s. The first embroidered model of Casadei pumps brought the company an incredible success and added the most famous European fashionistas to the list of the brand’s customers.

In terms of visual identity, Casadei follows the common fashion trend and uses a simple black logotype set on a white background. The uppercase lettering on the company’s wordmark looks sophisticated and sleek, showing the character and values of the label, and, of course, its unique style.

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Casadei logo

The simplicity of the Casadei logo is deceptive. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice the stylish shape of the glyphs and appreciate the underestimated elegance of the wordmark. The uppercase inscription is set in a custom typeface, which is pretty close to such fonts as Linotype Aperto Pro Roman and Oxalis Pro Regular, but with the contours of some letters modified.

As for the color palette, the primary logo is set in black and white, but for the packaging of some shoes and limited collections, the brand can set its logotype in gold on the while, or use a chocolate brown with the light gold palette, just like on the banners of the company’s boutiques.