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Blugirl is a line of fashionable clothing for teenagers developed by the Italian fashion house Blufin S.p.A. Blugirl was established in 1995. Apart from it, Blufin also sells products under such brands as Blumarine, Miss Blumarine, and Anna Molinari.

Meaning and history

Blugirl Logo history

1995 – 2007

Blugirl Logo 1995

2007 – Today

Blugirl Logo

The Blugirl logo is a wordmark – there is nothing but letters. The design team has chosen an elegant script. Although it was definitely inspired by handwriting, its even shapes are far from the casualness of the text written by hand.

In addition to the word “Blugirl,” the logo consists of the name of the parent brand, Blumarine, which is given below. In comparison with the word “Blugirl,” it looks slightly more refined, which apparently gives a hint about how the two lines of clothing and accessories differ from each other.