Aeronautica Militare Logo

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The inspiration behind the Aeronautica Militare brand is the style of the uniform of the Italian Air Force. According to the brand’s official website, all the badges and emblems used in the Aeronautica Militare Collection are the same as those worn by Air Force pilots every day.

Meaning and history

Aeronautica Militare Logo

Similar to the Chanel logo, the Aeronautica Militare logo can be broken down into two parts: the pictorial part and the text.

The primary features a bird in flight. The wings are spread wide. Above the bird’s back, you can see a crown. The design is gold with darker trim.

The lettering “Aeronautica Militare” goes below the bird. The letters are navy blue. They feature a heavy, bold slab serif type.

Below, there is a roundel featuring rings in red, green, and white (the colors of the Flag of Italy).