North Face Logo

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North Face Logo
The North Face is one of the leading US outdoor product manufacturers, which focus in designing and selling outerwear, footwear, and equipment such as backpacks and sleeping bags.

Meaning and history

North Face logo history

The name of the company reminds of the fact that it is the north side of a mountain that is the coldest and most dangerous place. The equipment made by the North Face is supposed to help climbers in surviving in spite of these conditions.


Symbol North Face
For the first three years of its existence, the North Face did not have a distinctive logo. It was only in 1971 that David Alcorn, a designer from California, came up with what has been the company’s emblem ever since.


Emblem North Face
The North Face logo is a combination of the wordmark and a quarter-circle. The latter is meant to evoke Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome, a granitic rock formation rising over 8,700 feet above sea level. The mountain’s name was clearly inspired by its distinct shape.


Font North Face
Although the serif all-cap type featured in the North Face logo does not have any really unique features, it is clear and highly legible. Due to this, there is never any doubt as to what company the logo belongs to.


Color North Face
The company chose red as a symbol of physical energy and courage. The white letters and emblem stand out against such a background. Previously, the North Face used a black-and-white logo.