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In early 2018, Hugo Boss discontinued its Boss Orange line. The casual pieces that used to be sold under this brand are now introduced within the Boss range.

Meaning and history

Boss Orange Logo

Taking into consideration this fact, we can hardly speak about the Boss Orange logo as such – the clothing is only sold with the Boss and Hugo labels. And, yet, on its website, the company explains that there is a way you can find the casual styles within the main Boss Collection – look for an orange line on the label. In the same way, the athleisure wear used to be sold under the Boss Green brand can be now identified by the green line on the label.

The old Boss Orange logo had several versions. First, there was just the lettering “Boss Orange” in orange. If featured a sans serif type looking simpler than the main Boss logo. This wordmark could be paired with the “Hugo Boss” lettering. Eventually, a pictogram, inspired by an orange, could be used on the left.

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