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Chuck Taylor All Star is a label of iconic casual footwear model, which is produced by Converse. The model was launched in the 1920s and is one of the most popular shoe brands in the world. Since 2003 the brand is owned by Nike.

Meaning and history

Chuck Taylor All Star Logo history

The bright and remarkable logo of Chuck Tailor All Star is well-known across the globe.

The Chuck Tailor All Star logo is composed of a wordmark with a graphical symbol, enclosed in a circle frame.

The brand’s emblem, a blue star, is placed in the middle of the white circle and has two different styles of wordmark’s around it.

The red “Converse All Star” in all-caps is written around the perimeter of the circle on the inside. The lettering features classic straight typeface.

Chuck Taylor All Star emblema

The blue “Chuck Tailor” in the handwritten style is located horizontally near the star emblem — “Chuck” on its left, and “Tailor” on its right.
The emblem also features a graphical representation of the signature double stitch, around the perimeter of the circle.

The Chuck Tailor All Star logo is placed on the ankle part of all the brand’s shoes. It has become a signature quality mark, and a reflection of brand’s heritage and history.

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