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Carhartt is an American fashion label, known for its high-quality fabrics and contemporary work-style design. The brand was established in the 1880s and is extremely popular among young audiences today.

Meaning and history

Carhartt Logo history

1920s – 1940s

Carhartt Logo 1920
The first logo emblem had a big red heart shape because of the name association. The top two curves accommodated the white words ‘union made’. The lower narrow section, in turn, said ‘pants, overalls & gloves’ in a similar style. Between the two written sections, there was a big tram cart colored white-and-blue.
The name of the business (then, ‘Carthartt’s’) was put into the middle of the cart’s body. The company had nothing to do with trams, it’s just, again, clever name association.

1940s – 1970s

Carhartt Logo 1940
It was updated in the 40s. The heart took on a softer, more round look; the written sections switched to ‘master cloth’ & ‘union made’ respectively; the tram was also updated. Namely, they picked a brighter blue shade, colored the car in a much simpler style and generally simplified the image.
The name space from before now accommodated the word ‘overalls’ written in red. The wordmark itself was put further above, rocking bigger, cursive letters with red coloring.

1970s – Today

Carhartt Logo

Carhartt boats a very recognizable and confident visual identity. The brand’s logo comprises a wordmark and an emblem on its right.

The wordmark in the lowercase lettering features a unique custom typeface, which is a square and modern Conradi. The vertical bars of the letters “R” and “H” are separated from the horizontal parts of the letters, which are curved. The letters “T” are drawn in a cross-shape with the horizontal bars slightly elongated to the right.

The Carhartt emblem is a symbol of the brand’s growth and evolution. It is composed of a bright yellow rounded figure, which resembles a wave, swirling to the right. It is a dynamic and strong image, which evokes a sense of moving and innovation.

The Carhartt logo is strong and contemporary, a true example of the modern young fashion, but also with the value of the company’s heritage and its rich history as a workwear manufacturer — the square lines of the wordmark resemble industrial style.

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