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Baldessarini is a German fashion label, established in 1993 by Hugo Boss AG. The brand is known worldwide and has numerous stores across Europe and Asia. It is popular for its handmade accessories and men’s luxury clothing.

Meaning and history

Baldessarini Logo history

Being a prominent representative of a fashion industry, Baldessarini uses its designer’s, Werner Baldessarini, signature as a logo.

During its history, the brand used two different tag lines for its visual identity: “ Baldessarini” and “Hugo Boss”. Both of them were in all-caps straight-lined fonts.

1994 – 2010

Baldessarini Logo 1994

The wordmark is executed in a bold handwriting, with very recognizable shapes of the letters “B” and “S”. The signature is elegant and confident, the thick lines of the lettering add style and strength to the logo.

The monochrome palette is also traditional for the fashion industry, it adds timelessness and sophistication, making the brand high-end and iconic.

2010 – Today

Baldessarini Logo