Louis Vuitton Logo

Louis Vuitton Logo
One of the world’s leading fashion houses, Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. The company sells its products in more than 460 stores all around the globe and operates in 50 countries.

Meaning and history

Louis Vuitton Logo history

Although the interlocking L and V form a monogram that belongs to Louis Vuitton, in fact it was not he, but his son Georges who created it. He came up with the monogram adorned with a floral pattern in 1896, 32 years after the label was actually founded. The symbol was immediately placed on the waterproof trunks created by the company. Since then, the emblem has been widely recognized as a status symbol, as well as a practical purchase.
Louis Vuitton Logo


Symbol Louis Vuitton
The current Louis Vuitton symbol still reminds of the company’s founder. The “L” and “V” characters are interlocked in quite an intricate fashion, yet they stay pretty legible. Below the monogram, there is a “Louis Vuitton” wordmark.

LV emblem and the problem of counterfeiting

LV emblem
LV is among the most counterfeited fashion brands, according to some sources, almost 20% of all the counterfeited accessories sold in the EU are branded Louis Vuitton. The fashion company takes the problem very seriously and has about 60 full-time employees responsible for the anti-counterfeiting work. The company has introduced quite a few initiatives that are supposed to reduce the number of fakes. For instance, it created a signature Monogram Canvas. The instantly recognizable pattern is based on the LV monogram.


Font Louis Vuitton Logo
As the Louis Vuitton logo is actually a monogram, the choice of font is an essential part of its identity. The company opted for a minimalistic and legible serif font. The “L” letter is italicized, which doesn’t refer to the “V” character. The “Louis Vuitton” wordmark, which is placed below the monogram, is given in a simple sans-serif type. All the letters are capitalized. Probably, the only feature that makes the insignia stand out is the way the two “T” characters seem to be one letter with a single horizontal bar and two “legs”.


Color Louis Vuitton Logo
The black-and-white color scheme of the Louis Vuitton emblem is an example of classic simplicity and elegance. We should still point out, that depending on the context, the logo may be given in other colors. Some of the most popular choices include hues of gold, brown, and orange. In some cases, designers opt for a rainbow color scheme, giving the monogram in several different colors within a single visual context.