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10×10 An Italian Theory is the name of an Italian fashion brand, which was established in 2013, and started from the launch of accessories collection, which grew into full-fledged lines of clothing for men and women in 2015. The label was created by Alessandro Enriquez, a designer famous for his work for Costume National.

Meaning and history

10×10 An Italian Theory is not a regular fashion brand, as its history became from a book, which the founder of the label, Alessandro Enriquez published. That was a book with the interviews of the Italian people of art, who inspired the designer most. Ten interviews turned into a brand with “10” in its core.

The red line crossing all of the interviews in Alessandro’s book is the love for Italy. And this love was transmitted into the men’s and women’s fashion collections of 10×10 An Italian Theory brand.

Clothing and accessories under the 10×10 An Italian Theory label express the philosophy of the brand’s chief designer Alessandro Enriquez: irony, absence of borders, Italian love of life, and course, passion for simple pleasures.

Clothing and accessories from Alessandro Enriquez stand out from the list of products of another brand due to their unusual style, designer prints, lightness, and brightness.

What is 10×10 An Italian Theory?

10×10 An Italian Theory is the Italian fashion brand, which was created by Alessandro Enriquez in 2013, as an illustration to his book, where the author collected ten interviews of famous Italian people, who tell about their love for life and Italy.

As for the visual identity, the brand here follows its unique path, and adopts the traditional for the industry black-and-white color palette and text-based concept, to its cool and non-standard emblem. The lettering is set in a custom typeface, and the shape of the badge is far from the ones we got used to seeing on the tags of the clothing.

2015 – Today

10x10 An Italian Theory Logo

The 10×10 An Italian Theory logo featured on the brand’s official website has a circle shape. In the middle, the number “10” is written twice with the “x” sign in between. The glyphs are encircled by small dots. Next to the dots, comes an outer ring. At the top, there are the words “Anitaliantheory,” while the lettering “by Alessandro Enriquez” goes below.

Overall, the design of the Italian brand’s logo reminds a coin and doesn’t look like any other fashion label’s badge.