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This is a brand of clothing and accessories, owned by the famous Italian designer Chiara Ferragni. The product lineup includes some clothing, mostly by women. The brand, however, is about many personal designs rather than a single category of goods. As such, you can buy makeup, jewelry and even furniture from here.

Meaning and History

The brand appeared in 2013 as a personal project of Chiara Ferragni, renowned largely for her shoe designs. Gradually, the stores of CFC started appearing all over Italy, then across Europe and then made it into China. An eye with long graphic eyelashes is the usual symbol of this brand.

2013 – today

Chiara Ferragni Collection Logo

The company’s emblem is a semicircle shape (the lower half of a circle) with a curved top line. It’s colored white and given two circle elements – one inside the other – mostly located in the figure’s left half. It’s obviously supposed to be a light grey iris with a black pupil. The top of the iris is partially cut off by the top line.

This eye emblem is outlined heavily in black, and there are also 9 straight black lines coming upward from the outline – these are supposed to be eyelashes.