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While the logo of the French brand Cacharel seems to have always looked the same, in fact, this is not the case. Although the overall style has remained unchanged, many details have been refined.

Meaning and history

Cacharel Logo history

1958 – 2021

Cacharel Logo 1958

Cacharel was established in 1962. The French label sells ready-to-wear clothing, fragrances, and accessories known for their youthful and feminine style.

2021 – Today

Cacharel Logo


Currently, the looks of the Cacharel logo slightly varies depending on whether it belongs to the perfume brand or the namesake clothing brand.

The Cacharel perfume logo featured on the brand’s website consists of only the word “Cacharel” in a lowercase typeface. The script plays with the width of the strokes, which varies dramatically within each of the glyphs.


The logo seen on the website of the clothing brand is slightly different. The most obvious difference is that it includes the word “Paris,” which is placed right below “Cacharel.” The writing “Paris” features an utterly unique, playful type where almost all the glyphs have white gaps.

And yet, this is not the only difference between the two versions of the Cacharel logo. If you take a closer look, you will notice several very subtle alterations. For instance, the width and shape of the bottom serifs of the “h” glyph are quite obvious.