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BadBoy is a fashion label of American sportswear manufacturer, which was founded in 1982 and is famous for its combat-apparel, especially JiuJitsu gear. The brand also designs clothing for surfing and skating.

Meaning and history

Badboy Logo history

BadBoy has a very funny and unique visual identity, which is remarkable and instantly recognizable. The BadBoy logo is composed of a wordmark with the addition of a graphical accent. The BadBoy face is also used as the brand’s icon, without any lettering, and is a truly unique insignia, reflecting the brand’s character and profile.

The monochrome palette of the BadBoy logo only makes it more sharp and strong. It adds a sense of power and confidence, making the logo look bold and masculine, but playful and funny at the same time. The BadBoy logo is a great example of creative representations of letters and using a funny emoji as a brand’s symbol. It is fresh, young and modern. The logo has no analogs.

Old Logo

Badboy Logo old

New Logo

Badboy Logo

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