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In spite of its “Californian” name, the fashion house Colors of California is headquartered in Florence, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region. It specializes in shoes and works for those who start their outfit with the shoes making them the center of their style.

Meaning and history

Colors of California logo

The Colors of California logo looks pretty unusual. It does not look like a regular fashion logo (which is typically rather clean and easy to reproduce as it needs to be applied to various surfaces).

Instead, you can see the letters of the brand name positioned in a pretty chaotic manner). The words are broken down in unpredictable places. The letters stick to each other, which makes them difficult to read. At least, the letters follow each other in the right way (from left to right, from top to bottom), which is the only factor saving the legibility.

The overall style of the emblem seems to reflect the vibrant, youthful, and emotional spirit of the brand.