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Bally is the name of the luxury fashion brand, which was established in 1851 in Switzerland and named after its founder. Today Bally is known worldwide for its luxury clothing collections and high-class leather goods, such as bags, luggage, and accessories. Bally has more than 300 branded boutiques across the globe.

Meaning and history

Bally Logo history

Bally, a luxury Swiss brand, has had its visual identity unchanged for years, and in the case with this fashion legend, it only shows its stability, the value of quality, and fundamental approach to design and fabrics of its items.

Written in all capitals of a bold typeface with massive square serifs, the Bally logotype is usually executed in black or burgundy and looks decent and solid. In the tags of the brand’s items the logotype is set on its own and has no additions, though on some materials and advertising campaigns we can see a full version of the Bally visual identity.

Before 2023

Bally Logo old

The black uppercase logotype in geometric serif, similar to Artegra Slab Bold and Weekly Black, is placed between the 1851 datemark with a heraldic symbol and a leaf pattern on top, and a “Switzerland” tagline in all capitals of a lighter and more thin and elegant serif font, on the bottom of the logo.

logo Bally

As for the leather goods of the brand, Bally uses a special seal to be embroidered or embossed on its bags and accessories — an elegant monogram with the lines of the letter “B” slightly elongated and curved.

For some period the Swiss fashion brand also used another logotype — a bold smooth cursive inscription in the title-case, which was slightly italicized and usually executed in Scarlett-red color, looking passionate and stylish.

2023 – Today

Bally Logo