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“Commando” is a brand known for its luxury garments, particularly designed for women. They offer a variety of products such as leggings, designed for various occasions like coffee runs, Pilates classes, or nights out. The brand emphasizes comfort and chic style in its clothing line.

Meaning and history

The Commando brand, renowned for its luxury women’s wear, is distinguished by its commitment to comfort and style. Founded by Kerry O’Brien in 2003, the brand revolutionized women’s underwear and legwear with its innovative designs and high-quality materials.

The Commando brand is registered in the United States by Commando LLC, which is located in South Burlington, Vermont.

O’Brien’s background in public relations and her dissatisfaction with existing underwear options drove her to create seamless, chic, and comfortable pieces. Commando’s approach to design emphasizes simplicity and elegance, ensuring each piece feels like a second skin. The brand has since expanded to offer a wider range of apparel, each maintaining the ethos of luxurious comfort.

What is Commando?
Commando is a fashion brand celebrated for its innovative and luxurious women’s wear, particularly known for creating seamless, comfortable underwear and leggings. Established by Kerry O’Brien in 2003, it blends style with practicality, offering a modern twist to women’s essentials. The brand stands out for its emphasis on fabric quality and elegant designs that complement the natural shape of the body.

2003 – Today

Commando logo

The logo features the word “commando” in a vibrant magenta hue, showcasing bold, sans-serif typography that conveys modernity and impact. The color choice is dynamic and feminine, while the clear, capitalized letters emphasize confidence and clarity. The registered trademark symbol subtly conveys the brand’s established and protected identity.

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