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Armani Exchange is a casual and streetwear subdivision of the famous Italian luxury brand, Armani. The label was created in 1991 and is focused mainly on the young audience.

Meaning and history

Logo Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is the most affordable fashion line of the iconic brand. It is created for young people, who are free and energetic. And the brand’s visual identity is a good reflection of its philosophy.

The Armani Exchange logo is minimalist yet sharp and strong. It is composed of a wordmark and an icon above it.

The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a more Sm sans-serif typeface, where the letters are slightly narrowed, leaving enough free space between the words.

The Armani Exchange Icon comprises two letters — “A” and “X”, which are both capitals and divided by a thin vertical line. The letters feature sans-serif font with bold and strict lines.

symbol Armani Exchange

This clean and strong emblem is used by the brand on its own, without a wordmark part. It can be seen on the websites and label’s packaging, as well as clothing tags.

Armani Exchange logo

The monochrome palette, which is common for the fashion industry, makes the brand look powerful and stylish. The “AX” monogram is sometimes executed in white and placed into a black rectangular, but the traditional black lettering on white is more usual.