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A Bathing Ape (which is the full name of the brand) is a Japanese clothing company popular in the street fashion segment.

Meaning and history

Bape logo

The brand founder, Nigo, studied fashion editing and worked for Popeye magazine before opening his first shop in 1993. It was then that his dream of having a brand of his own came true. The inspiration for the name of the brand was the movie Planet of the Apes directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. Also, the name used a wordplay connected with the phrase “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water.” The phrase is used to ironically refer to the rich young Japanese who tend to be lazy and indulge themselves. In fact, that was exactly who the brand’s earliest customers were.

The brand started its way to world recognition when the Japanese recording artist Keigo Oyamada began wearing T-shirts with the BAPE logo during his concerts. The popularity of the brand dramatically increased when Nigo released an album of his own.

In 2011, the company was purchased by I.T Group, but Nigo stayed as the Creative Director until 2013. The logo can still often be seen on the clothes worn by celebrities.

Lifestyle symbol

symbol BAPE

BAPE is a lifestyle brand. The BAPE symbol can be seen not only on clothes and footwear but also on a variety of other items, from kitchenware and furniture to toilet rolls. Also, the company often works together with other brands, Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty, and Supreme, to name just a few.

Cloud Camo emblem

emblem BAPE

Cloud Camo is the name of the brand’s iconic print that is sometimes mentioned among the most popular prints of the 2000s and 2010s. It combines military camouflage with the muzzle of an ape that is the logo of the brand.


Color BAPE Logo

Typically, the ape features two colors. The central part of the muzzle is given in a brownish shade of yellow, while all the rest is dark brown.


The name of the brand has been given in a variety of ways, yet one of the most popular versions so far has been the one with a font looking very much like the College typeface.