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While the Centro logo has gone through at least four modifications over its history, it has always featured an eye-catching shade of red making the design easier to spot.

Meaning and history

Centro Logo history


Centro Logo 2003

One of the earlier logos featured the word “Centro” in white over the red background. The most distinctive part of the emblem was probably the spiral design made up of splashes. The light and vivid green created an unusual contrast with the red background.

In the primary logo, the splashes were grouped around the initial of the word “Centro.” There was also a secondary version, where an additional “c” was featured to the left of the writing “Centro.” In this version, the standalone “c” was the center of the splashes.


Centro Logo 2011

The red background disappeared. The spiral was colored red, while the number of its elements was reduced (there were now four splashes instead of the original six). The type grew bolder; the letters became larges, which resulted in a better-legible logo.


Centro logo

The spiral disappeared, while the name of the brand became even larger. Now, nothing could steal your attention from the word “Centro.”