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Bikkembergs is a renowned fashion brand specializing in luxury sportswear and footwear. The company was founded by Belgian fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs. With a strong focus on innovative designs and high-quality materials, Bikkembergs has gained recognition worldwide. The brand operates globally, with its headquarters located in Milan, Italy.

Meaning and history

Bikkembergs Logo history

Bikkembergs is a renowned fashion brand founded by Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs in 1986. With its distinctive blend of sportswear and luxury fashion, the company quickly gained recognition in the industry. Bikkembergs pioneered the concept of “sport couture,” creating innovative designs that merged athletic elements with high-end materials and craftsmanship. Over the years, the brand achieved significant milestones, including collaborations with prominent sports figures and successful runway shows at international fashion weeks. Today, Bikkembergs continues to thrive as a global fashion brand, offering a wide range of products, including apparel, footwear, and accessories, while staying true to its original vision of combining sports and fashion.

What is Bikkembergs?
Bikkembergs is a fashion company known for its high-end sportswear and footwear. It combines athletic functionality with luxury design, offering a unique and contemporary style to its customers.

Before 2018

Bikkembergs Logo old

2018 – Today

Bikkembergs Logo

The Bikkembergs logo exists in at least two main versions. Probably the most known of them is the wordmark. It is utterly simple and even generic. We cannot say there is anything memorable about this sans serif type with slightly elongated glyphs. And yet, it does not contradict the overall style of the products provided by the Bikkembergs label.

The icon is more unique and contains more information about what the company specializes in. In the icon, you can see the figure of a football player inside a black ring. The player is also black, while the background is white.