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Accessorize is a famous British brand of fashion accessories focused on young audience. The company was founded in 1984 and opened its first store in the same year. The brand is a part of Monsoon Accessorize company.

Meaning and history

Accessorize Logo history

The brand is oriented on teenagers and students, but it invites world’s most famous models for its advertising campaigns and has a highly recognizable visual identity.

1984 – 2002

Accessorize Logo 1984

2002 – 2018

Accessorize Logo 2002

2018 – Today

Accessorize logo

The Accessorize logo is composed of a memorable wordmark with a small but important detail. The custom fairytale typeface of the logo is complimented by the bright pink color palette, which looks girly and modern on a white background.

The two main details of the Accessorize logo are the iconic letter “A”, which can not be confused with anything else, and the little crown, replacing the “I” letter dot. These two elements symbolize the brand’s vision of its consumers and its willing to provide them with only the best products.

Logo Accessorize

It adds a feminine and soft character to the brand, while making it bright and modern. The Accessorize logo is a perfect reflection of the brand’s audience and its approach to design.