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China’s largest down clothing company, Bosideng International Holdings Limited was founded in 1975. In addition to the main brand, it also offers products under such brands as Snow Flying, Kangbo, Bengen, Shuangyu, and Shangyu.

Meaning and history


If you compare the old Bosideng logo with the current one, you will notice the tendency to a simpler, more minimalist style. The current design can be broken down into two parts: the top, which is given in Chinese, and the word “Bosideng” in the Latin alphabet (it can be seen below).

The old logo was by far more cluttered. In addition to the company name and multiple hieroglyphs, there were also a pair of wings and the lettering “BSD.” The very name of the brand looked more detailed due to the serif type and the fact that the “O” was replaced by the globe.

Bosideng’s first flagship store outside the PRC has had its brand name – Bosideng London.


Bosideng logo

On the current Bosideng logo, the letters and hieroglyphs are black, while the background is white. The old version featured dark blue.