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The Blugirl Folies collection offers a new interpretation of the Blugirl line. Blugirl, in its turn, belongs to the Italian fashion house Blufin S.p.A established in 1977 by Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini. Blufin’s most known brand is Blumarine.

Meaning and history

Blugirl Folies logo

The Blugirl Folies logo is totally different from that of the Blugirl line. Instead of the refined handwritten type, we see simple sans serif letters.

The word “Folies” dominates the design, while “Blugirl” is given in much smaller letters. It gives the designer a chance to later dismiss the word “Blugirl.” What makes the emblem recognizable is the heart with an arrow inside the “O.” The symbol apparently implies that if you wear the products made by the brand, you are going to win many hearts.


Due to the pink color, the design gets a girlish and romantic touch. The psychological connotations of the bright and cool shade of pink have been also used by the authors of the Avon logo, which features the same shade.