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Coco de Mer is a luxury brand that specializes in high-end lingerie, erotic accessories, and pleasure products. It emphasizes sensuality, empowerment, and a celebration of intimate experiences. Created in London, this brand is known for its exclusive, artistically crafted collections that blend opulence with eroticism. Coco de Mer aims to inspire exploration and enjoyment of one’s sexuality through its range of products, including lingerie, toys, and bondage accessories.

Meaning and history

Coco de Mer from London is acclaimed for innovative luxury lingerie and adult accessories. The brand, born from a vision to celebrate feminine empowerment and erotic expression, has become synonymous with exclusivity, sophistication, and sensual exploration. Over the years, Coco de Mer has distinguished itself through meticulously crafted collections that blend artistry with sensuality.

Their range, from intimate wear to pleasure enhancers, aims to bolster self-assurance, closeness, and a joyful embrace of sexuality. The brand continues to stand at the forefront of luxury erotica, encouraging a deeper, more fulfilling exploration of pleasure.

What is Coco de Mer?
It is a distinctive London-based brand, celebrated for its luxurious and artistic lingerie, as well as erotic accessories. Coco de Mer shines in luxury intimate wear, merging elegance with sensuality, fostering self-exploration and sexual expression.


Coco de Mer logo

The logo presents ‘Coco de Mer’ in a flowing, elegant script colored in warm earth tones. Below, ‘London’ contrasts in a simple font, signifying the brand’s rich origins. Its lettering conveys a luxurious and sensual feel, reflecting the brand’s commitment to indulgent, intimate experiences.

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