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The Azzaro logo is the type of logo that reveals its true style only at larger sizes and when you take a closer look at it.

Meaning and history

Azzaro logo

The brand was founded in 1967 by Loris Azzaro. Azzaro’s products have been inspired by “a buzzing playground, an endless summer, an eternal sparkle,” according to the description of the brand published on the Clarins corporate website.

Starting from the summer of 2019, the news spread that L’Oreal was about to purchase Azzaro Parfums and Mugler Parfums. As of March 2020, the Azzaro brand is still listed on the Clarins corporate website among the brands that belong to the group, while the website of L’Oreal does not contain any information about Azzaro on the list of L’Oreal’s brand.

Logo Azzaro


At first glance, you see a pretty minimalistic sans. While the slight difference in the thickness of the strokes adds an elegant touch, you can hardly notice anything else. And yet, if the logo is large enough, its tiny decorative details grow more visible. For instance, while there are no real serifs, the letters are slightly widened at the ends, which makes them unique. Also, the strokes appearing straight are elegantly arched, which also introduces a refined artistic touch.

The Azzaro logo is used in two versions depending on the division. The first one has the word “Parfums” below the name of the brand, while the second version features the lettering “Couture.” In both cases, the letters of the second word are smaller and feature a simpler type.