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Brax is a German brand of women fashion items manufacturer, which was established in 1888 in Berlin: today the company specializes in high-quality knitwear and jackets for ladies and has its stores all over Europe.

Meaning and history

Brax logo

The Brax visual identity is contemporary and confident. Composed of a wordmark in a white background, its minimalist logo looks bold and fresh.

The Brax nameplate in all capital letters is executed in a bold and strict geometric sans-serif typeface with the only unique detail — a space between the left diagonal bar of the letter “X” and the upper part of its right bar.

This trick makes the logo unique and makes it lightweight and balanced.

The brand has several collections: Brax Feel Good, Raphaela by Brax, Eurex by Brax and Brax Golf. All of the lines use the main brand’s logo as a core element of their visual identity concepts. And the Brax logo looks confident and strong on all the versions.

The monochrome color palette of the Brax logo allows placement on various back-grounds and looks good on the colorful company’s website as well as on the branded packaging.

The Brax logo is simple and strict, it reflects the company, which is professional and progressive, the one that values quality and its customers’ comfort above all.

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